Advice on Picking a Surveyor

When you’re picking a surveyor or any other type of home improvement professional, it’s important to choose one carefully. The right pro can provide you with quality work at the right price, but the wrong one will only waste your time and money.

Selecting a pro

There are several simple things that you can do to help ensure you get a reliable pro to help you with your project:

Don’t accept cold callers

It’s not a good idea to hire a professional who turns up at your door out of the blue – they’re unlikely to provide quality work and they might not be who they say they are. Instead, try asking friends and family for recommendations. You can also use our service to help you find a reliable pro.

Read customer reviews

To get an idea of the quality of a professional’s work, ask them for references or look online to see whether they have any reviews from previous customers. If you found them through our service, you can visit their Quotatis profile to see what other homeowners think of their work.

Verify their company name, address and insurance

Before you consider hiring a professional, you need to ask for proof of their company name, address and insurance. This is to ensure that they’re a legitimate professional and won’t disappear half way through the job. If you use one of our pros, we’ll have already done this for you.

Ask them to come out to your property to quote

In order to get an accurate quote, you’ll need a professional to come out to your property. The quote should be in writing and ideally include a work schedule so you know it’ll suit your timeframe. Also, get details of any guarantees they offer.

Get multiple quotes

To get a fair price, make sure that you get quotes from multiple professionals before deciding who to pick. Beware of very cheap quotes as they might not provide you with the service you expect.

Picking a surveyor

There are also some additional things you should do when specifically picking a surveyor:

Check they’re a member of RICS

All chartered surveyors should be accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. You can check whether they are or not here.

Make sure they offer the services you need

There are lots of different types of surveyor, including building surveyors, construction surveyors and rural surveyors. Make sure you pick a professional who specialises in the work you require. And if you have a property that’s listed or unusual, make sure your surveyor’s experienced in working with these kinds of buildings.

Ask them to go through exactly what you’ll get

It’s important to find out the exact information you’ll get before you hire a professional to do a survey for you. This ensures that you’re on the same page and get what you’re expecting.

If you’re struggling with finding or picking a surveyor, we can help. Complete our form below and we’ll connect you with up to 4 local surveyors so you can get some quotes. We interview all our pros and ensure they are insured, so you know you’re in safe hands.