Everything you Need to Know about Permitted Development

Permitted Development is the term that describes certain types of development that you can build without having to apply to your local authority for planning permission.

This is a great law, but you need to know everything about it to ensure that you’re keeping within the rules so you’re not hit with any nasty fines later.

Why is Permitted Development a good thing?

From a homeowner’s perspective, Permitted Development is fantastic because you won’t have to make a planning application. These can get costly because you usually need to provide drawings and liaise with your local authority. You’ll need professional advice to submit your application properly, which all costs money.

You can avoid the stress of having to submit a planning application if you check that your planned building project is within Permitted Development rights.
permitted development discussions with surveyor

Think about your neighbours

Although you won’t have to go to your local authority to ensure that your development meets standards, you might want to consider your neighbours. Will your development obstruct their access to light? If it does, you could open yourself up to a lawsuit.

It’s rare, but if you do build something that stops your neighbours from getting as much light, they have a right under the Prescription Act 1832 to challenge anyone that builds something that restricts light to unacceptable levels.

How to ensure your project falls within Permitted Development rights

It’s worth getting a surveyor to help you with your plans to build a conservatory or extension to make sure that you’re keeping within your Permitted Development rights. They can also advise you on other issues you might need to deal with, such as boundaries.

You’ll prevent disputes in the future if you hire a surveyor to take a look at your land and your plans for development.

If you need a surveyor to carry out a survey of your property or land, simply fill in the form below and we’ll put you in touch with up to 4 local surveyors.

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