Surveying Price Guide

Often, it can be hard to know whether you’re paying a fair price for a surveying job. There are several different types of survey and companies who offer them. It’s tricky to cut through the noise and work out what a reasonable price is.

We’ve compiled a surveying price guide to help you work out how much you might need to pay.

General advice

Set a budget

Try to set a realistic budget for your survey before you start getting quotes. That way, you can compare quotes with your budget so you know what you can afford.


Make sure you know what type of survey you need. Prices can be quite different depending on the survey you need. Always compare prices of the same survey so you know which quote is best.


Surveying costs can vary quite a bit. We’ve put some rough ideas of typical costs below. The size and value of your property are examples of things that might affect the price.

It’s a good idea to get several survey quotes so you can compare the cost of using different companies. There are several legitimate reasons why one company’s quote might be higher than another’s. But if a company’s quote is very high and they can’t explain why, it’s probably a sign that not very reasonable.

Here’s an idea of some typical prices you might expect to pay for different types of survey:

  • Mortgage Valuation Survey: £150 – £1,500
  • Homebuyer’s Report: £300 – £900
  • Building/Structural Survey: £500 – £1,300

The main reason why these prices vary so much is because a property’s size, location and value make a big difference. To work out what’s a reasonable price for a specific survey on your property, the best thing to do is get as many quotes as you can.

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